Ethics & Principles

ADI Principals Going Forward

“FPP” – Focus, Purpose and Passion

  • FOCUS – We will stay focused on what we do best, the products we currently make and execute the plan to make our products the industry best product worldwide.  Until we accomplish this all other potentials will have to wait.
  • PURPOSE – The products we make saves lives, it has real meaning, it protects families from heartache.  Therefore it is incumbent upon us to take pride in our work product, to be professional from top to bottom, we get it right the first time.
  • PASSION – While our tasks are big and our days are long, it is not work for us, we never tire because we love what we do.

ADI Corporate Culture Going Forward

We have one opportunity to impress, when we make mistakes we double our efforts to make up for them.  There are no victims here we do not make excuses.  We do not complain instead we see the problem we solve the problem.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to making the best products in our space to protect those who protect us.  To maintain our core beliefs and principles while exhibiting the highest integrity and transparency and building shareholder value.

Quality Policy

Armor Designs strives to design, manufacture and deliver quality products on time, using the most reliable and innovative processes.  As an organization, we aspire to continuously improve in order to better meet our business goals, customer requirements and contractual commitments.