Armor Designs Announces Clarification of Details of Share Subscription and Credit Facility

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TEMPE, ARIZONA - August 28, 2014 - Armor Designs, Inc. (LSE: ADID)("Armor" or the "Company"), a leading designer, integrator and manufacturer of armor solutions for military, government and commercial use, today announces a clarification of the details of the share subscription of 66,667 new common shares of US$0.001 each in the Company at a price of US$15 per share Company (the "Share Subscription"), and the $767,070 credit facility provided by Robert Elizondo, Chairman of the Company, ("Credit Facility") as previously announced on 6 May 2014.

Share Subscription

The Company announced on 6 May 2014 that it had closed a fundraising for US$1 million through the subscription of 66,667 new common shares. The Board wishes to clarify that the Share Subscription comprised a number of separate share subscriptions pursuant to agreements entered into by the Company at the time that funds were advanced as follows:

Date Subscriber(s) No of new common shares Price per share ($) Proceeds ($)
2 July 2013 Mr. Robert Elizondo 16,667 15 250,000
19 September 2013 Mr. Robert Elizondo 10,000 15 150,000
1 November 2013 Mr. Robert Elizondo 10,000 15 150,000
1 November 2013 Mr. Robert Elizondo 6,667 15 100,000
22 April 2014 Subscribers* 23,334 15 350,000

* Including Mr. Robert Elizondo who subscribed for 6,667 new common shares

Credit Facility

As referred to in the Company's full year accounts to 31 December 2013, the funds advanced in relation to the Credit Facility were provided by Mr. Elizondo on 27 November 2013 pursuant to a promissory note entered into at that time. The Credit Facility has a one-year renewable term from 27 November 2013, at an annual interest rate of 5.0%, with no pre-payment penalty, and is collateralized by assets in the Company, in the form of a UCC-1 filing and a security agreement. Under the terms of the promissory note, the Credit Facility will be due and payable at the earliest of the term of the note, a capital financing event in excess of $1m or a stock liquidation in excess of $1m. In addition Mr. Elizondo retains the ability to convert all or part of the Credit Facility into new common shares in the Company at a price of $15 each ("Conversion Shares") as well as being granted an option such that in the event that the Company issues any new common shares as part of a further fundraising in excess of $25m prior to 27 November 2018 ("Further Fundraising"), Mr. Elizondo will have the option to subscribe for new shares equal to the number of Conversion Shares at a 75 per cent. discount to the price at which the Further Fundraising is carried out.

Mr. Elizondo has confirmed to the Company that should the Company not be in a position to repay the Credit Facility as at 27 November 2014 he will extend the Credit Facility for a further year or convert the Credit Facility into shares in the Company in accordance with the terms set out above.

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Armor Designs, Inc. (ADI) is a knowledge-based, technology-innovation company that develops and manufactures the highest quality, lightest and most cost-effective armor solutions to serve the military, government and commercial sectors on a global basis. We are an international company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and our commitment to state-of-the-art innovation is driven through the application of our patented Volumetrically Controlled Manufacturing (VCM) methodologies. VCM is a unique, integrated design and manufacturing approach that optimizes parts and systems by varying the size, shape, topology and material properties of the constituent materials in the armor allowing for rapid design and manufacturing of advanced composite materials. This methodology eliminates the trial-and-error approach and instead provides a robust platform for a rapid development of armor solutions that can be tailored for any application.

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