Armor Designs Announces Listing Cancelation of Securities from the London Stock Exchange

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Armor Designs Inc., (LSE: ADID) (“Armor” or the “Company”), a leading designer, integrator and manufacturer of armor solutions for military, government and commercial use, today announced the Listing Cancelation for Armor Designs Inc., (AIM: ADID), a knowledge-based designer and manufacturer of composite protective products, announces that, pursuant to the 17 December 2014 announcement of the resignation of the SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP as the company's Nominated Advisor ("Nomad"), the Company became subject to the London AIM Rule #1 and, consequently, was required to replace the Nomad within 30 days. The company confirms that despite the efforts of itself and three interested Nominated Advisors, the required due diligence process could not be completed in the time allotted. Despite appeals to the London AIM Regulation to grant an extension, by the Company and a Nomad, it was denied. Consequently, London AIM Regulation is canceling the listing of the Company’s ordinary shares and they will cease to be admitted to trade on the London Stock Exchange, effective 7AM GMT 22 January 2015.

The Company received notification of the resignation of our Nomad on December 17, 2014. The ramifications of the timing of the Nomad resignation are exceptional and unusual, when applying the 30-day rule. The fact that London effectively ‘shut down’ for two weeks or until after 5 January 2015, very little progress could be made, by either the Company or the potential Nomads, towards completing the mandatory due diligence process. The Company identified 3 interested Nominated Advisors shortly after the New Year that were willing to consider the Company for taking on the role as Nomad. The proper due diligence period normally takes four working weeks to complete and includes a US site visit, corporate and director due diligence checks, third party background checks, committee meetings, and working capital reports.

Because the 30-day rule does not specify or clarify working days versus vacation days, London AIM companies seem to be treated unequally, depending on the timing of Nomad resignation. In the appeal to London Regulation for an extension, the Company pointed out that it is not fair to the Company and its shareholders, if some companies have 30 days (with 4 work weeks) to seat a Nomad while others only have 30 days (with 2 vacation weeks and 2 work weeks). Certainly, this is the situation our company has found itself in, through no fault of its own. The efforts by the Company and the Nomad to get an extension were denied by London AIM Regulation.

The Company will update the market regarding the plans going forward with regard to corporate direction, future financings, contracts and public markets.

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Armor Designs, Inc. ("ADI") is a knowledge-based company specializing in next-generation composite material design, manufacture, prototyping and testing for applications and products for the armor industry. ADI uses a proprietary design and manufacturing process called VCM to rapidly develop new composite armor products of superior ballistic, weight and flexibility. The VCM process is protected by patents and trade secrets licensed to ADI in perpetuity for use in field of armor. For more information on Armor Designs, Inc., please go to:

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James Hoffman, Interim CEO
Tel: +520-329-7686

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Armor Designs, Inc. ("ADI") is a knowledge-based, technology-innovation company that develops and manufactures the highest quality, lightest and most cost cost-effective armor solutions to serve the military, government and commercial sectors on a global basis. We are an international company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and our commitment to state-of the-art innovation is driven through the application of Finite Elemental Analysis. This methodology eliminates the trial-and-error approach and instead provides a robust platform for a rapid development of armor solutions that can be tailored for any application.

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