Ground Vehicle Armor Solutions

ADI has a range of vehicular armor solutions.  Table 1 shows the weight estimate to provide NIJ Level 3 (BR6) protection for the roof, back door and front cabin for a hypothetical vehicle, and to provide Anti-Blast Level IV protection for the floor. Kits are designed in modular form such that one or two trained individuals can install the kits in a short amount of time.

Table 1: ADI Vehicular Armor Solutions for Euro-Norm BR6 (NIJ Level 3) and Anti-Blast Level IV B-kit only

Position Dimensions
(mm x mm)
Nominal Areal Density
kg/m2 (psf)
Roof (BR6) 900 x 1600 (35.4 in x 63 in) 16.69 (3.42)
Back Door (BR6) 1100 x 550 (43.3 in x 21.7 in) 16.69 (3.42)
Front Cabin (BR6) 1100 x 1700 (43.3 in x 67 in) 16.69 (3.42)
Floor (IV) 1300 x 2300 (51.2 in x 90.6 in) 25.67 (5.26)

Fig. 2 shows the definitions of A and B kits. The A-kit consists of the frame that the ballistic and blast panels are attached to. The B-Kit consists of ballistic and blast-resistant panels.
Fig. 2: A- and B-kit definitions

Figs. 3-5 show various components of the A and B-kits.

Fig. 3: Sample custom modular kit layout

Fig. 4: Up-armored roof

Fig. 5: Up-armored floor