Armor Designs Inc. (ADI) is a designer and manufacturer of body, vehicular and infrastructure armor solutions that are used globally by military, government and commercial sectors. Utilizing the state-of-the-art engineering techniques and processes, we provide the world's best certified and custom solutions that defeat the widest range of threats to personnel and assets on ground, in water and in air.

The product design framework enables rapid prototyping of synthetic composite armor. The knowhow for this design methodology was several decades in development. ADI has accumulated and is expanding an elite team of scientists dedicated to the rapid advancement of armor designs. Our engineered custom armor solution process flow diagram is shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Overview of engineered custom armor solutions

ADI uses custom manufactured materials in rigid and semi-rigid forms. They can be molded into specific geometric forms. ADI’s designs are lightweight (i.e. 1/3 the weight of comparable threat levels of steel) and in the most cost-effective/efficient manner. ADI has a combined manufacturing and development facility. The facility incorporates in-house CNC machining centers, and works with other local R&D facilities with in-house ballistic range and laboratory test facilities for material characterization and rapid prototyping.

What services can ADI provide?

(1) Characterize and evaluate existing or new materials especially composites, so that the most cost-effective material can be identified. This is done through a combination of laboratory testing and virtual testing.

(2) Create and evaluate competing designs using state-of-the-art techniques so as to find the most economical and viable solution.

(3) Help create innovative blast and ballistic mitigation solutions at component and system levels.

(4) Design, test and manufacture blast resistant products. Help in getting the products certified through testing in independent laboratories.